Aespa’s Stylists Under Scrutiny After Karina Spotted With Wounds From An Outfit

Aespa’s Stylists Under Scrutiny After Karina Spotted With Wounds From An Outfit

This is not the first time an outfit has been a safety risk for Karina.

Aespa‘s stylists are under fire yet again over Karina‘s outfits.

Fans have often criticized the styling team behind aespa due to sometimes dangerous mistakes made with the group’s styling. For example, Karina’s outfits have had loose hems, broken and mismatched shoes, or just appeared uncomfortable for the idol to wear while performing on stage.

On one occasion, Karina’s outfit was even discovered to have a sewing needle still attached.

It is easy to see how these instances could be dangerous for Karina and those around her, leading fans to protest the styling often given to her.

Now, fans have called out aespa’s stylists again following a performance.

Aespa recently returned with their first full album, Armageddon, and have been promoting it since the drop of their pre-release “Supernova.”

This includes at festivals, where fans are always thrilled to see the group perform. One such performance occurred on June 2 at the 2024 K-WAVE Concert, with Ningning unfortunately sitting out due to health concerns.

Karina looked gorgeous as ever, sporting an all denim outfit.

However, as good as she looked in the outfit, it appears it might not have been appropriate for her to perform in.

In some fan taken photos and videos, the outfit’s top appears to dig into Karina’s skin. Denim is a stiffer material and is not as malleable as other materials, meaning that it doesn’t necessarily have the give needed for a performance outfit.

This seems to have resulted in the outfit rubbing Karina’s skin raw on her side and chest and causing it to turn red.

While it doesn’t appear that Karina suffered an open wounds, continued movement might have caused a painful abrasion that bled.

This sort of risk has not sat well with fans, who have demanded that the group’s stylists take steps to keep the members safe.