Nayeon “I Knew About BamBam’s Crush On Me + He Expressed His Heart But Didn’t Ask Me Out”

Nayeon “I Knew About BamBam’s Crush On Me + He Expressed His Heart But Didn’t Ask Me Out”

On June 18th, TWICE’s Nayeon appeared on the YouTube channel “The K-Star Next Door” to promote her second solo mini album “NA”.

Having debuted 10 years ago, Nayeon laughed at the term “senior idol” used by the host Jonathan, saying, “Those two words don’t go well together.“

Nayeon shared, “When I go to a music show, my green room is close to the stage. It’s been a while since my room got closed. When do I perform at the end? The ending. When I realize that, I’m like, ‘We’re the seniors when there are so many cast?’“

When asked “Do you feel at ease?“, Nayeon replied, “I’m less nervous. Back in the day, I used to get nervous about the live shows, but now I can go while eating.”

Nayeon recently upset her fans by asking “Do you know ‘Cheer Up’?” on a broadcast. She explained, “I was supposed to describe ‘Cheer Up’. It topped the chart for a year and received the Grand Award. While I was explaining its achievement, I suddenly got embarrassed. I realized people might not know.“

Jonathan read a fan comment that said, “If you don’t know this song, you were probably in prison at the time or you’re a spy.“

Nayeon then revealed her favorite summer song from TWICE is “Alcohol-Free”. She also likes “Dance the Night Away”. While humming along, Jonathan mistakenly hummed a Red Velvet song, which made Nayeon playfully express her disappointment. Jonathan, flustered, insisted he was not a spy.

Known for her flexible dance moves, Nayeon admitted, “No one in my team likes the dog leg dance.” She added, “The ‘Alcohol-Free’ choreography was challenging, and we often ask to remove the dog leg dance during practice nowadays.”

TWICE has achieved significant milestones, including being the first K-pop girl group to perform at LA Stadium and surpassing $100 million in tour revenue. Jonathan praised, “When I see TWICE, even though you performed for a long time, you keep breaking your career-high score.“

Nayeon recently met BamBam, who had publicly revealed his crush on her. When asked “Did BamBam express his heart at the time?“, Nayeon replied, “I think so. I talked about it when I met him recently. Everyone knows that he liked me. It was a meme.“

Jonathan asked, “How did you feel when he asked you out?” Nayeon revealed, “He didn’t ask me out. The thing was he was too young. Other guys thought that was cute and made fun of him. And it became a joke.“