All the time BLACKPINK members show off diverse charms with wavy hair

All the time BLACKPINK members show off diverse charms with wavy hair

Thanks to their gorgeous visuals, BLACKPINK members look good in every hairstyle. Notably, the girls stun with their elegant and attractive beauty every time they show up with wavy hair.


Recently, Rosé stirred up social media when her covers for Dazed Korea were released. Her wavy hair on one of the covers drew special attention. Posing on the bed in a skin-tight one-shoulder dress, Rosé captures fans’ hearts with how sexy and gorgeous she looks.

Rosé often has straight hair, so whenever she appears with her hair curled, fans go crazy. For example, when she had a special collaboration stage with EXO’s Chanyeol and TWICE’s Jihyo at the 2016 SBS Gayo Daejun, Rosé stole the spotlight thanks to her dreamy visuals with orange-brown wavy hair.

When BLACKPINK made a comeback with DDU-DU DDU-DU, Rosé dyed her hair red and often had big bouncy curls, boasting an attractive look.


Jisoo with wavy hair never fails to impress. She once created a buzz when she appeared on the cover of W Korea having long black hair with small curls.

With a perfectly pretty face, Jisoo can pull off every hairstyle. When she has bigger curls and is dressed in a white dress, Jisoo looks like a fairytale princess.

Jisoo has wavy hair often because this hairstyle perfectly enhances her sweet and graceful visuals. In more casual clothes, she gives off energetic and cute vibes.

Jisoo looks stunning with wavy medium-length hair as well. In a red outfit, the 27-year-old female idol flaunts a sexy charm and looks more mature.


Jennie often receives praise for her ability to transform her images with many different styles and she is not afraid to try new ones. Jennie once drew attention when appearing in perm hair. This hairstyle is not easy to wear but with her well-matching makeup, Jennie still looked young.

One of the most impressive hairstyles that Jennie has tried was the classic curly hair she wore when decorating the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. The combination of Jennie’s top-notch visuals and her impressive hairstyle helped the female idol look even more luxurious.

Jennie also tried slightly curly hair once. Jennie already owns a sexy and outstanding beauty, but this hairstyle made her look more feminine.

Jennie’s appearance with a blonde slight perm wig in the poster of “Kill This Love” once amazed all her fans.


Lisa can pull off every kind of hairstyle, including short hair, long hair, curly, and even straight hair. In the case of curly hair, Lisa even has a whole collection. This Thai female idol once caused a stir with her bold curly hairstyle. She also chose an alluring outfit and sharp makeup to match her hair and show off her strong individuality. However, this image of Lisa was said to look quite old.

Lisa also fluttered the hearts of many fans when showing up in slight perm hair with bangs. This appearance made Lisa look more lovely and attractive.

The maknae of BLACKPINK also suits wavy hair, strong perm or just a little sperm in the tail. However, Lisa can still boast her stunning visual in all kinds of hairstyles.

During the “How You Like That” promotion, Lisa drew attention with her pink wavy hair. Moreover, the style with curls is also favoured by this 1997-born singer.

Not only talented but 4 members of BLACKPINK also own outstanding visuals. Thanks to their top-notch beauties, the girls can pull off any kind of hair.